About Us



Topwater Bassers was founded in 2004 by Eddie Kasperzak and he wanted to share the excitement and the sport of bass fishing with other anglers. Topwater is a Northern New Jersey bass fishing club which plans to hold 11-15 club tournaments a year. Standings and photos of each tournament will be posted, along with photos submitted by our members. Awards will be handed out at the end of each season for overall individual efforts. Topwater Bassers is a fun bass fishing club looking for new members. Topwater Bassers is a BOATER'S ONLY CIRCUIT so you must have your own boat & you fish solo out of your own boat. Topwater Bassers is a non-affiliated bass club that focuses on having some fun with a little friendly competition. Anyone interested in joining or if you have any questions should send an email to fishin_magician@hotmail.com