Membership & Fees


The membership fee for Topwater Bassers is $60.00 per person for the entire season. Though we are always looking for new members, enrollment for new members is closed during the tournament season. There are three optional side pools members can enter. One pool is lunker of the year for largemouth bass which costs $20.00. The angler who catches the heaviest largemouth bass for the year wins this pool. Another pool is lunker of the year for smallmouth bass which costs $20.00. The angler who catches the heaviest smallmouth bass for the year wins this pool. The final pool is the 6lb pool which costs $10.00. To win this pool, an angler must catch a largemouth bass weighing 6lbs or greater or a smallmouth bass weighing 5lbs or greater. This pool lasts the entire season, meaning if at some point during a season two anglers catch qualifying bass the larger fish (no matter what species) wins the pool. Example: If one angler catches a 6.07lb largemouth & another angler catches a 5.33lb smallmouth the smallmouth would win because of more ounces. Though the entry is $10.00, there is a rollover cost for applying members that join while there is an ongoing 6lb pool. Topwater Bassers is looking for new members who love to fish in a competitive but fun and friendly way.

Tournament Fees:
For a regular scheduled club tournament, the entry fee is $50.00 of which $40.00 goes to payout for that tournament, $5.00 goes to lunker of the tournament, and $5.00 goes towards the Club Classic pot. The Club Classic also costs $50.00 but only the Top 12 members in points qualify to fish the tournament. There are multiple Open Buddy tournaments a year that Topwater Bassers hosts that are open to the public. Check the current years tournament schedule to see a listing of all tournaments, including Open Buddy events. Contact Eddie K. for more information regarding tournament details or visit our Facebook page ( Topwater Bassers ) for updates on the club.